Fortnite Getting "Battle Royale" 100 Player PVP Mode - Rely on Horror

Fortnite Getting “Battle Royale” 100 Player PVP Mode

Huh, I wasn’t really expecting something like this.

Fortnite, a co-op base-building horde mode shooter, has received a PVP mode called Battle Royale, which pits 100 players against each other on one giant map. As nuts as that sounds, it gets even crazier since the base-building aspects are still here. The devs sighted PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds as a source of inspiration (if it wasn’t painfully obvious).

The mode is free and currently available in public beta (although they call it a public ‘test’), completely separate from the main PVE mode. Hopefully it’s better balanced than some other games that are trying out new mods (yes, I’m talking about you, Overwatch¬†Team Deathmatch) There’s also a trailer in case you want to check out what Fortnite: Battle Royale looks like. If you’re interested in reading our overall¬†Fortnite impressions, go here.


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