Follia: Dear Father Puts the Viscera in VR

Follia - Dear Father

Developer Real Game Machine has announced their upcoming VR-supported survival horror game Follia – Dear Father. What makes this game special aside from its peculiar name? Well, it’s filled with an impressive amount of gore — and if the trailer is anything to go on, I’m guessing loads of jump scares as well.

Follia – Dear Father is set in a university where the anatomy course went overboard. The game is filled with violent, gorey scenes, and it’s up to protagonist Marcus Putt to endure its horrors and find his parents. This looks to be quite the visually striking game, even if the quality of the scares and voice acting are a little dull.

“Starting with just a handful of items to help him navigate the dimly lit corridors, he has to summon all his strength to survive and continue the search for his parents. Even though it might already be too late, his hopes of finding them alive will not die – unlike everyone else on campus, who already seem to have met their own gory end.

Explore and look for clues that will help you unravel the mystery of how a university has become a slaughterhouse. Keep your eyes open – your flashlight could die any minute and engulf you in darkness. Sneak along corridors, explore every room you come across, and backtrack to find more clues and access additional parts of the university’s campus. But remember – whatever has happened here, evil has now seeped into every part of this immense university.”

The gameplay will involve stealth mechanics, varying degrees of combat difficulty, and the ability to explore and backtrack through the game map in search of secrets.

Follia – Dear Father will support Steam VR headsets but be playable normally when it releases this fall on PC, PS4 (with PSVR support as well), and Xbox One.


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