Fog Rolls in with Latest Hunt: Showdown Update - Rely on Horror

Fog Rolls in with Latest Hunt: Showdown Update

Multiplayer survival horror game Hunt: Showdown just got a sweet new update this week, making its deadly swamps even more dangerous.

The biggest new addition to Hunt: Showdown with the 2.1 update is fog as a weather type. This transforms daytime missions into a stealthier affair, limiting the draw distance and giving us some quality Silent Hill vibes. Players drawn to the hunt of other players will likely enjoy this addition.

In terms of weaponry, the update also adds: the Crossbow, Hand Crossbow, Poison hand Crossbow, Sparks LRR Silencer, Winfield M1873 C Silencer, Throwing Knives and Combat Axe. Two new traits are also available. The full patch notes are here. Take a gander at the video below to see all of the new features in action.

Hunt: Showdown is available for $29.99 on Steam for Windows PC.

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