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Flip the Script on Viking Stories With The Outsiders


The staff at indie game studio The Outsiders are no outsiders to the industry. Founded by Battlefield creative lead David Goldfarb and executive producer Ben Cousins, the studio has set off on a journey to rewrite the classic viking story. They are more prepared than the average startup to take on such a monumental task, but will they be able to pull this one off?

Currently titled Project Wight, the studio’s first project looks at the story of the vikings from a different angle. Players will not take on the role of a viking; instead they will find themselves fighting to survive as a flying creature with talons, scales, and skin. The creatures must hold their claim against the expanding viking population, without the benefit of their enemies’ weapons and fire. Players will guide their characters from fledglings who must evade human sight, to adolescents who can engage in combat and glide off of high ledges, and on to adults who may yet level the playing field.

Project Wight is still in pre-production, but the team at The Outsiders are engaged in a fantastic campaign to bring it to life. Goldfarb and Cousins are determined to show that an indie studio can make a AAA game with players as the main focus, and hold their own against the big studios. They’re definitely bringing that battle to PC, and they hope to see the game on both the PS4 and Xbox One on release day. As the team heads into production, more details should become available. For now, Project Wight has a beautiful trailer and a temporary name tempting players to search for more.

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