First-Person Psycho-Thriller ‘REVEIL’ Reveal Trailer Released


German studio Pixelsplit released their reveal trailer for REVEIL during this year’s Future Games Show Summer Showcase 2023. The stylishly crafted trailer shows colorful and dread-instilling environments set in and around a creepy circus.

According to the game’s website, REVEIL will feature a unique, visually appealing, and mentally challenging story.

ReveilVersatile puzzles, unanswered questions, confusing clues, and a disturbing psyche demand a lot from both the player and the protagonist, Walter Thompson.

The game’s website gives a brief synopsis of REVEIL’s story:

You wake up. You’re disoriented. Your head hurts. Things seem surreal, yet familiar. Your wife Martha and your daughter Dorie are not there. Why?

Looking for answers, you explore your environment and fragments of memories. On your journey, you are repeatedly confronted with riddling tasks, driven by the desire to find out what’s going on. What happened last night? Why can’t you think of any other thing aside from your days as a stage builder at the circus?

As things get crazier and more bizarre, the lines between reality, memory, and imagination become more and more blurred and you realize: there is no going back. You have to do whatever it takes to bring this story to an end, no matter at what cost.


In REVEIL, the player is immersed in a world, designed with attention to detail, where the boundaries between reality and illusion become blurred.

The setting is an authentically orchestrated environment inspired by the circus of the 1960s, which soon takes on surreal features.

Get a glimpse into the psyche and the past of Walter Thompson:

Once caught in the maelstrom of deceptive impressions, memory fragments and mysterious visions, your only option is to dive deeper – in the hope of finding answers to your perplexing situation and condition, even if this hope is slowly fading.

The only thing that keeps you from giving up is the will to find Martha and Dorie. Do not shut your eyes to the hints left by the two, but keep them wide open and … try to not lose your mind.


Not a whole lot is known about the game yet, but we do know that REVEIL is intended to be a “narrative first-person psycho-thriller game that focuses on story and exploration,” so it probably won’t include a lot of combat, if any. That’s about all we know so far.

REVEIL, published by Daedalic Entertainment, is vaguely set to release in 2023 on Steam, where it can already be wishlisted.

In the meantime, you can enjoy the brand-new reveal trailer below.

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