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First Look at Vampyr Gameplay


French developer Dontnod recently gave an interview about their upcoming RPG Vampyr, and accompanied the audio with the first video of actual gameplay they’ve released for the game.

The game appears to run smoothly despite a good draw distance and incredibly rich textures and lighting, which the developers explain as a byproduct of their semi-open world concept. In order to keep resource use low enough for smooth processing while maintaining the realistic atmosphere, the developers locked gameplay to specific areas of the city that will correlate to the narrative, allowing the players to experience an expansive world while keeping them close to the storyline and preventing graphic loading issues from impacting the game.

The interview covers the basic concept of the game: Players will take the role of a doctor in London at the height of the Spanish Flu, surrounded by death and suffering as he comes to terms with immortality and fights supernatural forces while the city falls around him. Every character is a potential victim, as the doctor will need to feed on blood at regular intervals, but each death impacts the city around you, and can change the outcome of your game. Players will have to choose who to feed on, and work around any obstacles that their choices create. The artistic concept for the game is also worthy of praise. While the graphics are meant to be incredibly realistic from a distance, they morph into something closer to impressionism as you approach, altering the way players see the world around them.

After viewing the footage, it appears that Vampyr is going to be a beautiful game to behold. If the storyline holds up to the developer’s promises, Vampyr could be a strong contender in 2016.


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