First Look at Stealth Horror Nakwon: Last Paradise

Nakwon Last Paradise

The first look at the upcoming 3rd person stealth survival game Nakwon: Last Paradise was posted today. Developer and publisher Mintrocket also announced the pre-alpha playtest, which will begin on November 29th and run through December 3rd, 2023.

While this playtest won’t represent the final experience, Game Director Jang Kyoung Han hopes that the community feedback will help with the final product. He hopes to follow up this playtest with “a more robust public test sometime next year” in order to build “a fun and original survival experience for players.”

The game takes place in Seoul, South Korea’s capital city. It’s difficult to find guns, but there are many places to hide in the buildings and alleys. There is a focus on stealth to avoid the undead roaming the streets. Players also have to deal with the greed of other players scavenging for supplies.

The stealth survival elements rely on strategy as well as audiovisual elements. There is close combat and scavenging in a post-apocalyptic urban environment.

The gameplay footage released has detailed visuals, and the atmostphere is suitably dark and creepy. The player can be seen scavenging for items, exploring buildings, and fighting the undead. A menu shows the gear you’ve equipped, your bag of items, and some quick slots.

Those who wishlist the Nakwon: Last Paradise on Steam now will get an alert for the free playtest coming next week. There are no limits on the number of participants.

You can watch the gameplay on YouTube or wishlist it for PC on Steam.

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