The First Call of Duty WWII Zombie’s DLC Stage Gets Revealed

Call of Duty WWII The Darkest Shore

The first Call of Duty: WWII Resistance DLC pack is on its way January 30th. As is Call of Duty’s DLC tradition, it will feature several new multiplayer maps alongside the next Nazi Zombies stage, this time titled ‘The Darkest Shore’.

The trailer features the cast of the previous map, continuing their pursuit of antagonist Dr. Straub onto a foggy island. It looks like the major focus on jump scares persists, for better or for worse, but this time the incredibly dense fog stands in for the extreme darkness of The Final Reich- as we can see in the trailer when the characters stumble upon a horde of undead. We also briefly see several planes flying overhead, firing upon either the players or zombies, which I suspect will somehow be tied into this map’s ‘easter egg’.

We’ve known for a while that this map would debut a new, smarter zombie, alongside a new weapon called the Ripsaw. While the trailer shows a bit of Ripsaw action, the new zombie type is still a mystery. While I have mixed feelings about the more recent incarnations of the zombie mode, I do find the change of scenery interesting. Hopefully, the zombies in the game itself live up to the expectations set by the trailer this time.

You can view the trailer below, and you can keep up to date with Call of Duty: WWII with Sledgehammer Games’ twitter account here.

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