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Fight off plague victims in medieval horror game “Dead Crusade”

Dead Crusade

Do you ever get the feeling that a game was specifically designed just for you? Yeah, that’s what I get when reading through Dead Crusade’s kickstarter page; it’s a class-based horror game about fighting the victims of the black plague in medieval Europe.

In the world of Dead Crusade, victims of the plague did not just die a slow and painful death, they were also turned into zombies. As one of the few survivors, you attempt to find and rescue whatever allies you can find while searching for a safe refugee. What sets the game apart from titles like Killing Floor and Left 4 Dead is that each zombie has certain personality traits that affect how it will fight you, as well as the affliction system that gives players debuffs when they are bitten. Also interesting is the skill-based combat system, especially when you consider that Scott Petty, co-founder of the studio that created Chivalry: Medieval Warfare, is the creative director of this project.

As a fan of the Warhammer fantasy setting and the books of C.L. Werner, I am very excited for this project and sincerely hope Scott and the rest of Aesthetic Games can pull off this campaign. The kickstarter aims to raise a total of $250,000 and has 24 days left to do so.


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