Fear Not; P.T. inspired 'Visage' looks pretty great - Rely on Horror

Fear Not; P.T. inspired ‘Visage’ looks pretty great

Hideo Kojima’s now cancelled Playable Teaser, better known as P.T., has had an unsurprising impact on the horror genre in video games because it was bloody brilliant and people loved it, so now there is a hole in the market waiting to be filled. This has lead to the development of a few games drawing inspiration from it, such as Alison Road, and Visage (by the brilliantly named SadSquare Studio) is the latest game to show it’s love for what P.T. could have been.

Set in a massive house a load of people have presumably died in, you walk around at night on your own and it’s quiet then things scare you – that’s the jist of it, but you should watch the excellent gameplay trailer below and see it for yourself. You can also see it’s Steam Community page here.


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