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Fan Remakes The Original Dead Space In Dreams

Dead Space

Dreams, the PlayStation exclusive sandbox, game developing…game has been the source of plenty of amazing fan projects including remakes of games like The Legend of Zelda, Halo, Mario, and even P.T. Fortunately we can add one more to that list, as user Coty-Y has been remaking the first Dead Space, with a little bit of Dead Space 2’s influence thrown into it.

As you can see in the video below, there are about 18 minutes of gameplay footage, showcasing various areas of the USG Ishimura from the early chapters of the game. While the environments aren’t extremely detailed (to be honest I really don’t know what the limitations of Dream‘s level creator is), there is still an impressive level of accuracy to the source material, and the fact that recreations like these are even possible is amazing.

Unfortunately, limb severing isn’t as prominent mechanic, a major deviation from the original game’s combat, but the necromorphs, plasma cutter, and health bar behave exactly like their counterparts which is pretty neat. One deviation from the source material that I actually kinda appreciate is Issac Clarke’s outfit actually closer resembles Dead Space 2‘s Security Suit, and the Ishimura also now has an entirely blue aesthetic. While the rustic look of the Ishimura is kinda lost here, it’s neat to see a different take of the environment.

Even if you don’t play Dreams, be sure to check out Coty-Y’s work, it’s the closest you’re gonna get to new Dead Space content, considering how Viseral Games doesn’t exist anymore and EA isn’t particularly interested in single player games anymore.

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