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Extra Credits discusses Cthulhu in videogames

Extra Credits

Extra Credits is a popular Youtube channel where Daniel Floyd and industry veteran James Portnow discuss the theory behind game design, recommend games and talk about recent developments in the games industry. It’s a popular show that has been featured on both The Escapist and Penny Arcade; the channel now has about 250,000 subscribers and 20 million views on its 218 videos. Today’s episode was rather special, though, as the team decided to talk about how games mistreat the almighty Cthulhu.

It always irks me when a game promises to have a Lovecraftian style, because more often than not the final product ends up not feeling like a proper Lovecraft story at all. This episode nicely tackles the issue and explains what it would take to make a game with Cthulhu in it work, though they don’t really tackle any of the other deities that are part of the mythos. As always, it’s a fun and interesting episode to watch, so if you have some time I can recommend checking it out.

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