Explore the Depths of Depravity in Inmates

Iceberg Interactive has released the launch trailer for Inmates, and it is exciting. The setting and pace are reminiscent of older Silent Hill titles. The trailer follows main character Jonathan as he wanders an empty, decaying prison searching for clues to escape. At times, the prison facade is replaced with a modern home, both well-lit and well cared for. Other moments feature flashes of horrifying scenes, most of which appear to involve children. Altogether, they tell the tale of a mind not quite at ease with the things it has seen.

Starting tomorrow, players can take on the role of Jonathan, a man who awakes in a prison cell at once foreign and familiar. A voice broadcast through an old radio is his only companion as he tries to make sense of his surroundings and escape. While he seems to be alone, Jonathan finds that the halls are haunted by his memories. Is this real, or a nightmare from which he cannot break free?

Inmates releases October 5 on Steam for Windows PC.  Join us later today for a stream of the first hour, and keep your eyes peeled for upcoming news related to the game.

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