Experience the moral dilemmas of a vampire in "Vampyr" - Rely on Horror

Experience the moral dilemmas of a vampire in “Vampyr”


The French studio Dontnod Entertainment definitely deserves our attention, as they have being working hard to produce games that, while not always great, at least allow you to experience something different. Remember Me and Life Is Strange are both intriguing games and now the studio has a new title in the works: Vampyr.

If you have ever played Choice of the Vampire, then Vampyr may feel familiar to you. The player takes on the role of the recently-transformed surgeon Jonathan E. Reid, not related to the Jonathan Reid that worked for this site, who is prowling around the streets of early 20th century Britain. Plague, war, and depravity are taking their toll on the country and its people, so it’s up to the players to deal with it in any way to see fit.

What intrigues me about this title is that there are plenty of characters that are important to the plot, but the player will have to choose which ones to hunt in order to satiate Jonathan’s hunger. Supposedly, any character is fair game and their deaths will have a significant impact on the rest of the plot. Add in a brawling system, some crafting, unlockable powers, and Vampyr begins to seem pretty exciting.

Currently, we are looking at a 2017 release for Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC. I kinda hope we get to see more vampire titles in the future, it’s a style of horror that demands to be better explored.

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