Exclusive: Konami confirms Castlevania 25th anniversary project

When E3 concluded there was a sense of sadness and the beginning of anger amongst Castlevania’s fanbase. That was due to a lack of any sort of announcement for the series’ upcoming 25th anniversary. We didn’t get any new game announcement or a reveal of any compilation to celebrate the occasion, all we got was the revelation that Harmony of Despair would be making its way to PSN.

Since then fans have been left wondering about this total lack of acknowledgement. Has Konami completely disregarded the milsetone of one of the most respected franchises in the world of interactive entertainment? I’m glad to be able to tell you today that Konami is in fact working on something for the series’ 25th.

Speaking with Konami earlier today over this matter and regarding the current uprising of Operation Akumajo which aims to follow the footsteps and dedication of the ongoing Operation Rainfall, I was told: “We are going to do something, we are just going through final approvals on exactly what that is going to be.”

So, what type of project will this end up being? Speculation still won’t cease over this but it’s satisfying to know that we are indeed going to be receiving a game to celebrate the upcoming 25th anniversary. E3 may have been quiet in regards to this project but we still got Gamescom and Tokyo Game Show left. Let’s also not forget that we may not end up getting anything directly on time for the anniversary, but perhaps in the months to follow.

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