The Evil Within 2 Has a Secret First-Person Mode

The Evil Within 2

Prefer your survival horror in the first-person perspective? Well, the genre’s latest major release secretly supports the perspective, as discovered by Reddit user SkacikPL. It turns out that if you use The Evil Within 2‘s console on PC, a simple command enables first-person for the entire game, with full shooting and stealthy cover support.

There’s a handful of scenes in the game that are first-person, so the devs purposefully built this functionality in. But hearing that other aspects of the game work fine in the perspective is pretty cool and gives players a slightly new experience for replays. To enable the “mode”, do the following:

  1. Right click The Evil Within 2 on Steam
  2. Click Properties
  3. Set Launch Options
  4. Add “+com_allowconsole 1” and press OK.
  5. Once in the game proper press Insert
  6. Write “pl_FPS 1”
  7. Press Enter

Better yet, triggering the mode doesn’t register as a game cheat so achievements are unaffected. Just a note, Chapter 1 for whatever reason is unaffected by the command. If you want to switch back to TPP, simply open the console and put the code in again but replace the “1” with a “0”.

To see first-person gameplay in-action, check out the video below. For a full list of other commands accessible through the console, go here. Seeing as how I just finished the game, I’m glad I found this. Let us know in the comments if this improves your experience or sells you on the game entirely now.

YouTube video

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