TGA 2016: Even if Death Stranding Isn't Horror, I'm Shook - Rely on Horror

TGA 2016: Even if Death Stranding Isn’t Horror, I’m Shook

Hideo Kojima took The Game Awards 2016 stage after an emotional intro by host Geoff Keighley with new (real-time) footage of Death Stranding. To put it lightly, what the fuck was that?

The new footage, which is said to be running off of a PS4 Pro, features Guillermo Del Toro walking into a war torn city covered in black ink. Soldiers also covered in the substance are seen on patrol, and Del Toro is holding a baby encased in a futuristic-looking tube. There’s also a baby doll floating in the black ooze / water. Del Toro then runs into a tunnel where he’s confronted by soldiers, one being played by Hannibal star Mads Mikkelsen – who looks especially sinister and afflicted by whatever the black ooze is.

I have no idea what Death Stranding is, but even if it’s not a horror game, that was chilling. We still don’t know exactly what kind of game it is aside from “like Uncharted“. That could mean a lot. Here’s hoping it legit has strong horror vibes so we can stick with it.

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