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ESRB hints at PC version of Yomawari: Night Alone


The Playstation Vita game Yomawari: Night Alone might not remain exclusive for long if the ESRB is to be believed. The rating board published it’s recommendation for the game on their website (T for Teen, in case you were interested), but included a note that the game was coming out for the Vita and PC.

Yomawari is a cute-looking survival horror game from the brilliant minds of Nippon Ichi Software. It puts players in the role of a little girl who gets into an accident while walking her dog “Poro” and awakens sometime later to find her canine buddy missing. Her elder sister goes out to look for him and doesn’t return, so you head out yourself to explore the neighborhood at nighttime, only to find that the streets are not quite the same as you remember them to be.

Players must avoid monsters while exploring the various areas for clues and usable items. The Vita version came out in Japan in late 2015 and an overseas release is planned for late 2016. Whether or not this PC version will also come out by then is unknown, as Nippon Ichi has yet to comment on the news.

[Source] via Anime News Network

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