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Escape From Violet Institute is a New Multi-Dimensional Horror Platformer

An earthquake has torn through your workplace, and you are alone. How do you get out, and more importantly, who even are you? CBJ’s Escape From Violet Institute combines 2-D and 3-D exploration as you attempt to escape to the surface and unveil the truth about your past.

Escape From Violet Institute is both a survival horror and side scrolling platformer, giving it a gameplay and visual style that’s unique. While trying to escape, you’ll traverse different dimensions that reveal the secrets of your past. Of course, all while dodging or shooting the various monsters that are trying to take you out.

Along with the mixture of 2-D side scrolling and 3-D exploration, Escape From Violet Institute has a few additional gameplay wrinkles. You’re only given one life, and there are no auto-saves or checkpoint. You can only save when you exit to the main menu after a play session. There are also branching paths, so your choices will impact your ending. Given the save situation, this really ups the stakes, and gives another layer of tension on top of fighting monsters and trying to discover the truth.

Escape From Violet Institute looks to be an ambitious take on survival horror, 2-D platforming, and a narrative-based game all wrapped into one surreal experience that you can check out now.

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