Educate yourself on the horrors of net censorship

We here at Rely On Horror have a unique hobby. A hobby that is fun, informative, and filled with great experiences. Sadly, if the Stop Online Piracy Act or the Protect IP Act is passed by the United States government, our hobby, along with tons of jobs, will become a thing of the past.

Both of these heinous acts are pending approval by the U.S. Government and are threatening the passion and jobs of millions of people. Yes, piracy is bad, but these bills do not only prevent piracy, but they give control of content to corporations.  Any company in support could report a site that they don’t agree with. This bill is pure evil. There’s no way I can explain every single flaw with these two bills, so please check out the links below and do some research. Your entertainment and way of life is at jeopardy because greed is slowly becoming part of the American dream.

[Stop American Censorship]

[Fight for the Future]

[Contact Your Representative]

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