E3 2019: Gears 5 Trailer Brings out Fear and a Terminator - Rely on Horror

E3 2019: Gears 5 Trailer Brings out Fear and a Terminator


Of all the things I knew were coming to Xbox’s E3 lineup, Gears 5 was probably the one I was the most hyped for — and it delivered (I loved Gears of War 4 and all the others). Coming September 10th (way sooner than I’d hoped), the story that seems to be (spoilers if you never got around to playing Gears of War 4) focusing on Kait’s conflict between human and Locust. This is brought about after discovering that her mother had some connection with the monsters that plagued the original trilogy — and this divide seems to be leaning over to the Locust side, as flickering imagery settles her between herself, and a new Locust Queen. The imagery is creepy and striking, and I’m blown away by the animations on Kait’s face.

Beyond that, we got a first look at an all-new multiplayer mode called Escape, which sees a COG team of three (why has this series been so averse to four player co-op since Judgement?) venturing into Swarm territory in order to plant a bomb. Sort of a twist on the series’ classic Horde Mode, this objective mode will also include character-specific abilities (an electrical knife was shown during the cinematic) and possibly a unique cast of characters (none of them are from previous Gears titles at least). There also appears to be some way to customize the maps, but we didn’t hear more. I do really, really love how gosh darn gory it is though. Hoo boy, that’s what I like to see.

There will also be a “tech test” next month (I assume it’s a fancy name for “beta”) that will be featuring a new gametype called “Arcade”. Finally, and perhaps most exciting of all to me because I’ll finally have a reason to play as someone else besides Anthony Carmine or Queen Myrrah in multiplayer — a suped-up T-800 Terminator, straight from the screen of Terminator: Dark Fate. Pre-ordering the game, or at least playing the game with GamePass within the first week of launch, nets you Cyberdyne System’s premier infiltration unit. The imagery alone of one of my favorite movie monsters wielding one of my favorite gaming weapons is just… ooof. You can also apparently get the game a whole four days earlier by either purchasing the game’s Ultimate Edition (something Gears of War 4 did as well) or when using Xbox’s new GamePass Ultimate.

I uh… I’m hype y’all.

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