E3 2018: The Last Of Us Part II Combines Dancing And Disembowelling

The Last Of Us Part II

Naughty Dog has finally shown off some gameplay for The Last Of Us Part II, and it is gorgeous and brutal, just the way we like it.

Revealed at Sony’s E3 press conference, the new trailer shows off just how beautiful The Last Of Us Part II is going to look. The lighting is phenomenal and provides a realistic and dark atmosphere that perfectly compliments the world of this title. Ellie’s movements look natural and as she is sneaking around the grassy environment, with plants and bushes realistically reacting to her presence.

This beauty is swiftly forgotten once a man is simultaneously hung and disembowelled. After that, Ellie systematically murders an entire group of people, each violent act immediately followed by another. The enemy A.I seems to have been upgraded. They move around the world more naturally and realistically react to one of their comrades being stabbed in the throat. The animations of Ellie and the enemies are more fluid and adapt as new elements appear in the combat scenario. A downed enemy drops a quiver of arrows, which Ellie picks up. But, the animation doesn’t occur jarringly. It is smooth as butter and adds to the immersion of the title.

The Last Of Us Part II looks like a massive improvement over the original. Though the gameplay is similar to anyone who played the original, it’s the small changes in animation and A.I that make the sequel look and feel that much better. There are high expectations for this title and this trailer seems to be living up to them.

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