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E3 2018: Days Gone Gets A Long-Awaited Release Date

Days Gone Release Date Trailer

Last night, Bend Studio dropped a new trailer for Days Gone revealing the much-needed release date. The open-world survival game will be released on February 22, 2019. The trailer has a heavy focus on the game’s story, and how just about everyone and everything wants the player character Deacon to die, making the tagline, ‘The World Comes For You’, a rather fitting one.

In addition to aggravated birds, a new enemy faction known as ‘R.I.P’ was introduced. ‘Rest In Peace’ is a cult obsessed with worshipping the ‘Freakers’, the zombie-like monsters roaming throughout the world, and Deacon seemingly caught their attention. With the most recent addition to the roster of enemies, Days Gone is promising plenty of enemy variety, strangely making the post-apocalyptic world feel a lot more lively. I’m personally interested in seeing how the various factions and creatures interact in this world Bend Studio has been creating.

Days Gone will be available exclusively on the PlayStation 4. You can view the release date trailer below.

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