E3 2017: Zombies Coming to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

When I describe PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds to friends, I tell them it’s essentially the really intense moments of DayZ distilled into 20 minute instant gratification matches. Well, PUBG is about to become a lot more like DayZ with the upcoming addition of zombies. The game’s official Twitter account has revealed that PUBG is to receive fast-running zombies, with a teaser trailer that shows them pursuit of human players. There’s some violent kill animations on display too as the zombies tear into the necks of their prey.

There’s currently no ETA on the inclusion of zombies in PUBG, nor are there details describing how they will fit into the game — as an independent mode or part of the core game? My thoughts are on the former. The latter would change the game too drastically. PUBG currently has a custom game mode where people in the past have simulated a zombie mode, so signs point to this update making it official. I could see this being a lot of fun on top of an already amazing game.

Update: The official Twitter account has stated that the content and zombie animations are not for the base game. So worry not, folks. We’ll get a new custom game type instead.

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