E3 2017: The Evil Within 2 Storyline Comes to Life in New Trailer


For a company that didn’t feel like bringing a demo for The Evil Within 2 to E3, Bethesda sure did make a ton of trailers to release this week. First, we had the announcement trailer during the Bethesda conference. Next, we got an extended gameplay trailer, and then an HD update to that. Now, we have a storyline trailer that explains a bit more about the events leading up to The Evil Within 2. Even though there is only a three year break between the two games, the worlds of The Evil Within are so twisted that players can use all the help developers are willing to give us to get oriented.

The Evil Within 2 brings up side characters from the first game, namely Junior Detective Juli Kidman and main character Sebastian Castellanos. In the trailer, Sebastian learns what players of the first game already knew: Kidman is a pawn for a secret group called Mobius, and Kidman as he knew her never really existed. Now, she’s contacting him to say that Mobius faked the death of Sebastian’s young daughter Lilly to force him to cooperate with their plans. They need him to save Lilly from herself, after they used her mind to reopen STEM.

That’s the story that opens The Evil Within 2, and brings Sebastian back into the horrifying Matrix-like world of STEM. There’s only one problem. When all anyone has told you are lies, can you trust them to be honest this time? If there is a chance your daughter is really alive, do you even have a choice? I suppose we will find out this October, but I doubt anything is as straightforward as it seems.

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