E3 2016: New Conscious Mind Teaser Released

Moonville Entertainment
, who previously gave us a faithful re-rendering of the dreaded apartment from Silent Hill 4, have released a teaser for their upcoming title; Conscious Mind. Very little information about it is out at the moment, other than that it draws its inspiration from Japanese-style psychological horror games. To quote the developers themselves, it’s: “A game that’s different and standing [sic] out from the mass, by not following any rules or current trends”. Make of that what you will.

It’s quite long for a teaser, featuring behind the scenes extras and some lovely piano music. It lurks below:

YouTube video

What to make of that then? We can glean that it appears to have elements of slow exploration, as the character makes their way through the abandoned corridors. Also, a clear element of surreal landscapes appears at the end. What does this mean for our protagonist’s sanity? I do so love a game that makes you question your character’s perception of the world. The focus on the nailgun does imply that it will be used at some point, and I doubt that it will be for some home repair.

More screenshots are available on Moonville’s blog.

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