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E3 2016: Friday The 13th Gameplay Reveal Trailer

At long last, we finally have a look at the upcoming Friday The 13th game in action.

Kicking off with some Jason gameplay, it’s easy to see just how creepy this game is going to feel. With the voice of his mother egging him on from within the depths of his mind, Jason is a tank who lumbers around just like he does in the films. Its both creepy, and sad, if you know the history behind the character. But there isn’t really time for that, because Big J is out for blood, and again, just like in the films, his kills are slow and devastating. Getting into his hands is not the place you want to be. He also has a teleporting ability (ala Overwatch‘s Reaper) which is something I don’t remember from the films, but it will certainly be terrifying to the poor players who are taking control of the Crystal Lake camp counselors. Thinking you have hidden successfully only to have him show up behind you sounds awesome and frightening, not to mention true to the films way of Jason always having the upper hand despite his lack of speed.

Playing as the counselors looks to be a desperate struggle to stay alive and hidden while this ruthless supernatural monster stalks you. But nowhere is 100% safe from the big man, as the trailer showcases. Honestly, I was looking forward to this anyway, but now I’m really pumped to get my hands on it. Horror is not something that’s easy to do in a multiplayer environment, but Friday The 13th: The Game looks like it’s going to be doing everything it can to keep us on the edge of our seats. From the classic music and the 80s vibe in general, I can’t wait. Check out the trailer for yourself below.

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