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E3 2016: Everything We Know About Days Gone

Days Gone St John

Days Gone developer Bend Studio sat down with YouTube Live at E3 to discuss the game, and revealed a little more than what we saw in the conference. First things first, the game is definitely inspired by the lead developer’s love of television series Sons of Anarchy and of biker culture of brotherhood. The developers wanted to look at what the familial culture of bikers would bring to a post-apocalyptic situation.

Main character Deacon St. John has a custom built bike in the game, which is his alone and would apparently be incredibly hard for any other character in the game to steal. He will not willingly leave his bike behind if it can be helped, and the bike will be present through the entire storyline. The bike is much like a secondary character in the game, playing a pivotal role in the story and providing an anchor to the world St. John knew before it went to hell.

That link to the past doesn’t mean you can let your guard down. The team worked under a motto of “if it moves, it is probably trying to kill you”, and confirmed that any living creature in the game can be infected. You’re not just fighting undead humans, and you’re not just fighting the undead. Resources are scarce, and you may find yourself fighting starving animals and competing human tribes as you move through the unforgiving territory of the high desert.

Days Gone will be a true sandbox, with a large open world that players are free to explore. The game will provide a different experience every single time the game is played, with many ways to level your character, explore the story, and approach combat. A longer demo of the game with different playstyles should be posted later in the week, showing more of what we can expect from Days Gone.

We may not have as long as we first thought before the game releases. The developer has been working on this title for three years and is in the mature stages of development, though there is not a set release date. They expect to be polishing the game for a while yet, but we will certainly see it before most of the titles announced at this conference. For players who just cannot wait to get their hands on the game, you can try for a position at Bend Studios. The lead up to a game release is frantic, and they have a large announcement on their website that they are currently hiring.

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