E3 2010: Silent Hill announced

Vatra games has just announced Silent Hill at Konami’s press conference. The producer spoke of the series evolution over it’s history since spawning on the Playstation platform. Disturbing creatures, mind bending psychology all make a return with an improved combat system. But they aren’t abandoning the series sense of terror and dread.

Footage starts with a foggy rainy scene, then we get a view of a road with a vehicle driving by. A prisoner is held inside looking at his handcuffs. Thunder roars as we get quick cuts of the said prisoner running through the forest as if being pursued by something. He is stopped by a cop. The cops have him cornered he passes the Welcome to silent hill sign. a resident states “first time visitor huh? Now the protagonist is in Silent Hill. He is exploring, the atmoshpere is extrmeely well done. He sneaks into a house, picks up a flash light and is exploring, ala Alan Wake, a dark room with old furniture. Third person gameplay confirmed. A television set turns on by itself behind his back. He is in a kitchen and finds a handgun then suddenly little girls come out of nowhere startling him. Another cop is shown , back to the protagonist, the rooms walls peel away and he is now in the dread filled world of Silent Hill we all love. We get quick cuts of creatures as he is still exploring. A creature appears behind him, and he shoots it, killing it. He seems to wake up where he was in the beginning of the trailer. Passes Welcome To Silent hill sign again , we see them driving towards a cliff. Footage ends.

The music will be done by the musical mind behind HBO’s Dexter series. The game will hit the xbox 360 and PS3 next year.

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