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E3 2010: Saw II Flesh and Blood

At Konami’s press conference they showed off Saw II . You play as the son of the first title’s protaginist Detective Tapp, taking a literal meaning to the title Flesh and Blood . This game sees more in terms of authenticity with not only having Tobin Bell delivering voice-work for Jigsaw but his likeness is in the game as well making him an actual character in the game as the trailer showed us. The trailer showed off a victim, a doctor at a free clinic, being suspended from a ceiling. If that was bad enough, her legs were embraced on devices attached to an elevator, so if it drops it’ll rip her in half. We then see Detective Tapp’s son in front of the trap’s proceedings, being tasked with saving the doctor. The trailer concludes by showing us the outcome of a failed attempt and the doctor is dead, then we see Jigsaw himself shrouded in darkness. No release date was set but this will most likely hit in time for Halloween. More info as we get it.

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