E3 2010: Dead Space 2 Sony's Live demo - Rely on Horror

E3 2010: Dead Space 2 Sony’s Live demo

Steve Papoutsis takes the stage talking about the current scenario Isaac is in, about to fight a massive boss on board the Sprawl. Once again we see the footage from EA’s event showing Isaac holding on to dear life as space is attempting to suck him completely. Now we get to see the battle that was teased at EA’s event. It seems that the enemy that attacks Isaac was not a Brute but in fact a brand new type of necromorph.

After unloading some plasma rounds on the beast he uses stasis on him to allow him time to proceed on to another room and once again he is being pursued by an unknown gunship, the glass breaks and now Isaac is fighting the boss in COMPLETE ZERO GRAVITY. EPIC .

The demo ended and it was stated how PS3 owners will be receiving an exclusive limited edition version of Dead Space 2, with Dead Space Extraction included with Playstation Move support. For more Dead Space 2 news from E3 stay tuned.

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