Dying Light releases a new gameplay trailer for E3 2014 - Rely on Horror

Dying Light releases a new gameplay trailer for E3 2014

“I’m not a murderer,” the main protagonist of Dying Light claims right before a small collection of footage shows him pulling off over-the-top stunts to take down zombies all around him. E3 is less than a week away, but Techland has released this trailer to the masses to show off more of the game before the big event.

The footage includes zombies, bigger zombies, a lot of brutality, weapons, parkour, a peak at the story, and the difference between night and day. It all looks pretty fun, however there are concerns, of which I echo, about repetition of the game. Dead Island was pretty good in its own right, at first. But as the game progressed, the levels seemed more blandly put together and the gameplay got fairly repetitive. Also it’s trying to sell it’s night-time segments as being tense and scary, but can that remain true with a character who’s moveset rivals that of a fighting game character’s? Regardless, looks like a zombie-slicing good time, and we’ll certainly see more at E3.

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