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Dying Light Devs Create Hilarious Response To Fan’s Scrutiny

Video games have a certain level of “suspension of disbelief” to them. Not everything in them will make sense if looked at too closely. How come Raccoon City doesn’t seem to have any sidewalks in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis? There seems to be an odd lack of bathrooms aboard Alien Isolation‘s enormous Sevastopol Station. BioShock Infinite‘s Booker DeWit isn’t really chowing down on potatoes and bananas he found in a toilet… right? They’re video games. Things have to be stretched out or fluffed off sometimes in order to make the game fun, or at the very least release on time. If every game was 100% accurate all of the time, we’d end up having to take a dump every few hours in Minecraft.

Well, one fan of Techland’s Dying Light wasn’t taking “it’s just a game” for an answer as he took to Twitter armed with some heavy power station knowledge. Apparently Dying Light‘s substations are lacking in the realism department, something that the average player probably overlooked but Twitter user c0mpl3x1ty knew enough about to question head on.

A series of tweets ensued, comparing and commenting on how Dying Light‘s power substations didn’t seem to actually connect to a power source, not to mention how totally made up they were. Showcasing wiring and control panels that just simply don’t exist on any real world substation, it would seem that the technology used in Dying Light is either totally made up for the sake of the game, or possibly that the zombie apocalypse has given way to a new kind of power source.

Amazingly, Techland went above and beyond to respond to the fan’s criticism, releasing a particularly incredible video to both explain how power works in Harran, but also to maybe poke fun at themselves for clearly dropping the ball as far as this fan was concerned.

For a game that took itself pretty darn seriously, I’m pretty okay with this being the real explanation. This might have actually made for a pretty hilarious easter egg had they had the pre-knowledge to put it in the game.


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