Dying Light: Bad Blood Release Date Announced

dying light: bad blood

The Battle Royale genre is becoming staler than two-week-old bread., but this doesn’t mean developers aren’t trying to make a sandwich with it. Techland has announced Dying Light: Bad Blood, a battle royale expansion of their fantastic Dying Light title that will be arriving on Steam Early Access this September. To be honest, this actually sounds like the perfect game for a battle royale spin-off.

Initially announced in late 2017, Dying Light: Bad Blood will consist of twelve players pit against each other in a fight for survival. Also, there will be zombies- lots of zombies. The mechanics of the original Dying Light will transition over to the expansion unchanged and, to be honest, should feel right at home in the world of battle royale. Players will need to explore the map, scavenging for weapons to use against the zombie horde and other players and locating vials. These vials, found in the rotting hands of zombies, are part of the mechanic players use to level up.

Dying Light: Bad Blood will retail on Steam at $19.99 and will include:

  • Dying Light: Bad Blood
  • Exclusive Golden Founder’s Mask
  • Three exclusive legendary weapon skins:
    • Golden Neckslicer
    • Golden Bonecleaver
    • Golden Skullopener
  • 1000 Blood bucks
  • Three exclusive legendary skins (over a period of 3 months)

Dying Light: Bad Blood will hopefully differentiate itself from the competition with both the player’s freedom of movement and the combination of PvE and PvP. Those two aspects alone make this title something to look forward to. Whether this title can compete head-to-head against the titan of the genre, Fortnite, is yet to be seen. Even if it can’t topple the competition, Dying Light: Bad Blood could be a very fun addition to a tired sub-genre.

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