Dust off your Sega Genesis, Sacred Line is available now.


When a game releases today, you expect to go into a store and buy it for your Xbox One, Wii U, or Playstation 4. Not the case with this one, though, since Sacred Line Genesis came out today as a Sega Megadrive exclusive.

Most developers and publishers stopped with developing for the 16-bit Sega beast around 1997, yet that hasn’t stopped WaterMelon games, who famously released Pier Solar for the device back in 2010. Now they have returned once more to bring us Sacred Line Genesis, an interactive graphic novel written by Sasha Darko, who also created the original Sacred Line, as well as the comedic adventure game “The Last Dogma“. The story of the game follows Ellen, a private detective unable to find work, as she heads into the woods to investigate an abandoned outpost.

While it’s definitely gimmicky, it’s at least kind of funny and the original Sacred Line was well-received. The game is available for $39 from the store sourced below.

YouTube video


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