Dusk Developer Returns to Roots with 'Rats for Breakfast' - Rely on Horror

Dusk Developer Returns to Roots with ‘Rats for Breakfast’

Before he was known for his popular retro shooter Dusk, published by New Bloods, indie developer David Szymanski released such experimental horror titles as Fingerbones, The Music Machine, and the Moon Sliver. Following the success of Dusk, Szymanski recently announced his next project which looks like a return to the style of his earlier work: Rats for Breakfast.

Szymanski described Rats for Breakfast as “a weird, narrative-driven, gameplay-fueled horror game.” The game is set in a post apocalyptic word engulfed by a blizzard of magical origins. Players take control of a survivor of the blizzard who lives in a stone tower amongst others. The tower is populated by those who live near the top and something that lives in the lower half of the tower which was abandoned. The story begins when singing is heard coming from the lower portion of the tower. Players will interact with fellow survivors, repair machinery, eat rats (of course), and discover what evil lurks in the shadows.

Having loved The Music Machine for its writing, I’m very much looking forward to Rats for Breakfast. The fact that the games share a similar art style certainly has me excited as well. There’s currently no release date for Rats for Breakfast, though it can be wishlisted on Steam.

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