DreadOut: Keepers of the Dark announced as standalone DLC

DreadOut may have concluded a few months ago with the release of Act 2, but that hasn’t stopped developer Digital Happiness from continuing to build upon Linda’s journey. The studio recently announced DreadOut: Keepers of The Dark, a standalone game as part of the DreadOut story.

Keepers of the Dark is said to be a bit more free-roam-like and will have new ghosts to battle. Two new levels previously not included in the core-game will now be available as well.

I’m all for more from these guys, but I have to say, Act 2 was a bit unpolished and nonsensical at times. I hope to see the game fully realized one day with a hefty dose of QA and tweaks to iron out its issues. Seeing as how they’re still working on more DreadOut, maybe they’ll have that opportunity one day.


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