Downpour for PlayStation 3 gets patched

The PlayStation 3 version of the Silent Hill: Downpour patch has arrived in North America. Many PS3 owners were wary of Konami’s “soon” announcement–rightfully so when looking back at the HD Collection–, but it’s now available for download on PlayStation Network.

The patch weighs in at 33MB and fixes the same problems that were patched on the Xbox 360 version: framerate lag, autosaving issue, the homeless quest, and many more tiny things. It’s a small update but if you’re like me and playing the PS3 copy for the first time, expect to have a really fun twenty minute install; something I hope will be a thing of the past once the PlayStation 4 comes around.

Let us know in the comments how effective the patch is for you. I’ll update this post when I receive confirmation that the patch is out in Europe.

Update: The European PS3 patch is also now available. Sorry folks, the patch is not available in Europe by traditional means. The person whom I asked was using their imported copy. It seems an imported copy calls for the update while  PAL copy does not do so, yet. Sorry for the mistake. We’ll all have to wait and see when the patch will officially release in Europe.

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