Doorways: Holy Mountains of Flesh announced

The fourth episode of the Doorways series has been announced today by Saibot Studios. Doorways:┬áHoly Mountains of Flesh (subtle!) continues the series by taking protagonist Thomas Foster to El Chacal, a small town in Salta, Argentina. A dude named El Asador and his family of “lunatics” appear to be the driving force behind the sinister events taking place in the town. Cannibalism, black magic, and the occult share ties with EL Asador and his family, and I’m sure Thomas won’t have an easy time dealing with that.

Based on the screenshots, the Doorways series has changed quite a bit and I’m curious to see how it’s changed exactly over the course of four episodes. I guess we’ll see how Holy Mountains of Flesh fairs when it releases in the second half of 2015.

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