Digital Demo Disk of PS1-Inspired Horror Games Available Now

Digital Demo Disk of PS1-Inspired Horror Games Available Now

Haunted PS1 Demo Disk

In the last several years, there’s been a surge of independent horror developers dedicating their time and efforts to recreate the experiences of 1990s-era 3D horror games, from studios like Puppet Combo games, Throw The Warped Code Out, and many others.

This strong resurgence has now spawned a collective Demo Disk for PC, put together by the Haunted PS1 community, which features 17 different games by 17 different developers, all striving to recreate the classic PS1 horror feel and aesthetic.

I’ve personally had some of my favorite, most frightening horror experiences of the last few years from games that invoke this same old-school feeling of primitive 3D graphics, strong sound design, and distorted visuals, so this disc is an absolute treat which showcases the power that this style of game can still have in 2020.

You can download the Demo Disk here and also check out the trailer below to get yourself in the mood to explore this eclectic collection of fright-filled games:

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