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Diablo 4 Unveiled At BlizzCon; New Trailers And More

Diablo 4

All eyes have been on this latest BlizzCon; even the eyes of people who wouldn’t count themselves as fans of Blizzard, thanks to the unavoidable controversy surrounding this year’s event. Despite this, the convention seems to have gone without much of a hitch, and several new titles were unveiled, among them Diablo 4. This is exciting news for the hordes of fans that will still buy the game no matter what the company does.

To the credit of the development team, the new nine-minute cinematic trailer is not only lengthy but also incredibly well done. In the climax of the trailer, we see the return of Lilith, the daughter of Diablo 2‘s antagonist Mephisto. However, the cinematic trailer wasn’t the only glimpse into the upcoming ARPG. Another, albeit shorter, three-minute gameplay trailer was released later, in addition to an official PR sheet detailing three of the game’s currently playable classes, The Barbarian, The Sorceress, and The Druid. These are the only classes accessible in the playable demo being shown at BlizzCon.

Outside of the trailers, various details about what kind of game Diablo 4 will be have been trickling out. It seems Diablo 4 will be diving straight into the live service trend, as there appears to be a mandatory shared multiplayer world and the game will feature cosmetic micro-transactions; hopefully, you’re into that.

There is no release window at this time, but the games will be coming to PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. While there is no official announcement, I would wager the games will probably release alongside Xbox Scarlett and PlayStation 5 when the time comes. You can view the full nine-minute cinematic trailer of Diablo 4 below.

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