Diablo 4 Leaks Go Gritty and Dark - Rely on Horror

Diablo 4 Leaks Go Gritty and Dark

Diablo 4

Blizzcon 2019 is gearing up to be a hell of a party. For better or worse, it’s taken on a strong political bent, with the company facing intense backlash from players over its kowtowing to Chinese moderation. That makes it a wee bit suspect that Diablo, one of its only IPs to have escaped the wrath of Blizzfans, is suddenly the star of a very beneficial “leak”.I will say that dressing up as non-sanctioned leak for Halloween probably won the PR department the Best Costume award this year. Granted, even the source of the leak outright says, “the company is bad” in their post, so there is a small chance that Blizzard isn’t secretly trying to ride the hype train out of a shitstorm.

Fans of Diablo 2 who wanted a darker, more sinister Diablo 3 than what was released will be happy with this leak. While the combat system from Diablo 3 was updated and remains for Diablo 4, the environments are more in line with Diablo 2. Crypts, corpses, wastelands, and plagues play backdrop to a storyline that sees players face down Succubus Queen Lilith. The game will support up to four players, as well as a PvP mode, and continues the classes of mage, barbarian, and druid. Like Diablo 3, it will have a large, open world, with mounts helping players traverse the map efficiently.

As with all leaks, none of this is definitively confirmed. The source is a Reddit post by user Practicalbrush12, who has a history of correct leak information for other games. It has also been corroborated by Niko Partners analyst Daniel Ahmad as mostly lining up with what they’ve heard about the game thus far, and the general gist of it lines up with what we’ve read in the past. Players won’t have to wait long to find out how much of the leak is true, at least, with Diablo 4 set to be in the spotlight at Blizzcon, which starts in less than twenty-four hours. Check back over the weekend to catch up on what is officially released for Diablo 4 and how our team feels about the next chapter for this iconic series.

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