Developer of The Hum: Abductions Gives an Update

The Hum

Alien abduction horror game The Hum: Abductions has been out of sight for quite some time. Its sole developer Ariel Arias recently released an update on the status of the game and the personal and professional hurdles he’s faced.

While The Hum: Abduction isn’t dead, progress is moving slowly as the developer faced health issues, a major move to New Zealand (from Argentina) for work, various development-related quandaries such as whether to support VR or not, and finding support from developers experienced in Unreal Engine 4. For now, The Hum: Abductions isn’t focused on VR but support isn’t ruled out for the future. Funding ideas to get the project going include Kickstarter, although, Ariel sees them as too complicated and risky; the first iteration of the game cancelled its Kickstarter in September 2014. Ariel states that he may speak with publishers again when the time is right.

The Hum: Abduction will be an exploration-heavy horror game based around alien abduction stories. Ariel wrote that such stories are especially popular in Argentina and were a big part of his childhood. If Abductions makes it to release, it’s still planned as just one part of The Hum Universe — something Ariel has been developing for years with short stories and prototype games. Here’s hoping some major news developments so the game can come to fruition.


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