Death Stranding PC Launches in June with New Features and Headcrabs

Death Stranding PC Version Launches in June with New Features and Headcrabs

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Kojima Production’s big-budget walking simulator about empathy and supernatural monsters is headed to PC in June and it’s brought some friends (and a few new features) along with it.

Publisher 505 Games announced that the Death Stranding PC version will launch on Steam and the Epic Game Store, as well as at retail, on June 2 with several new features: photo mode, ultra-wide monitor support, and high frame rate. But that’s not all; Kojima Productions has collaborated with Valve to add Half-Life-themed content to Death Stranding. The PC trailer released shows a short tease of this content in the form of protagonist Sam Bridges wearing a headcrab hat. I’m guessing we can at least also expect Gordan Freeman’s HEV suit and maybe the iconic crowbar for Sam as well.

The Death Stranding PC version comes with the following content:

  • Selections from ‘The Art of DEATH STRANDING’ digital art book (by Titan Books)
  • DEATH STRANDING Original Score Expanded Edition by Ludvig Forsell (including 10 unreleased tracks)
  • Chiral gold and omnireflector Ludens Mask sunglasses
  • Gold and silver power skeleton
  • Gold and silver all-terrain skeleton
  • Gold and silver armour plate (LV2)

Those who pre-purchase the game also receive:

  • DEATH STRANDING HD wallpapers
  • Chiral gold and omnireflector SAM sunglasses
  • Chiral gold and omnireflector cap
  • Gold and silver speed skeleton
  • Gold and silver armour plate

With four months until release, we’ll likely see what else Kojima Productions and 505 Games has planned for the Death Stranding PC release. Ray-tracing, NVIDIA Hairworks for Sam’s dirty mane? Time will tell.


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