Deadly Premonition Now Backwards Compatible on Xbox One

SWERY’s cult-classic Deadly Premonition is now available on Xbox One through emulation. If you own the original English-language release (or want to buy it digitally), and have been waiting to play it and don’t have a PS3 or gaming PC, you’re in luck. Simply fire up your Xbox One and get going.

Each version of Deadly Premonition available has pros and cons. DP on Xbox has decent game performance, but it lacks the Director’s Cut content and is pretty darn difficult. The Director’s Cut on PS3 is easier, has new content and graphical improvements, but it often performs lower than 30FPS and can be nauseating as a result. The Director’s Cut on PC is a mess of complications; for starters it needs the fan-made DPFix to display and perform to standard expectations. The PC version also suffers from oddly-specific gameplay conditions like needing to be the first game you play after a fresh PC restart in order for it to be stable.

Deadly Premonition being available on Xbox One at least gives you more options to play this quirky, amazing game. Choose wisely; the hassle is worth it.


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