Deadly Premonition may be hitting Nintendo 3DS

Deadly Premonition, a survival horror with all the elements of a B-Film of that genre, seems to be a love it or hate type of ordeal. You get, on one side, praise for the title and even a 10 out of 10 ,somewhat questionable, review by Destructoid. And other media outlets just bash the game completely for being too dated in its formulaic make up as a survival horror title. If you fall in the “love-it” camp then you might be happy to learn that there is a ,somewhat remote, possibility that Deadly Premonition may be hitting Nintendo’s new handheld, the 3DS. As noted here:

“I can’t promise you that I’ll make DP for 3DS. Because I don’thave copyrights of DP. It needs to get approval by publisher. Thank you.”

So there is an idea floating around of getting the game to a Nintendo platform ,truly making it a complete multi-platform package. But, as stated by Swery65 of Access games, it’s all up to the publisher. Time will tell if this comes to fruition.


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