Deadly Premonition board game offers bonus code for the actual game

After its successful campaign and launch on Kickstarter, the rest of the masses can now get their hands on the Deadly Premotion board game for $60 USD. While the standard version offered to Kickstarter backers was at the minimum price of $30 (+ a hefty $20 shipping), the deluxe edition offers a few more goodies to close the price gap including a PC code for the Director’s Cut of the game, a soundtrack, and custom die.

As a murder mystery themed game for up to 4 people, the board game also includes the popular asynchronous mechanic of having one of the players be an accomplice killer to the murder of Greenvale resident, Anna Graham.

The (board) game releases on Amazon at the end of January for $59.99 with free Prime Shipping and can be pre-ordered here.

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