Dead Space Fan Videos

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Story of Dead Space – submitted by JFCalibur on February 18th 2009

This is a music / story video for the game “Dead Space” by Electronic Arts. It following the design of my past projects: Story of God of War and Story of Silent Hill 2. The first part covers the events that happened before the team reaches the Ishimura. Part 2 covers when the team lands. Part 3 isn’t finished yet but it will most likely be longer than the current project. Enjoy!

Dead Space Glitch – Enemy Manipulation – submitted by JFCalibur on January 28th 2009

“Instead of just showing the glitch I wanted to try and explain it within the video so it would be a little clear for the viewer. I guess most people don’t read the video description part of the page so I wanted the video to be as thorough as possible. I tried this against crawling Pregnates but was not able to replicate the glitch. The explanation should be self sufficient within the video so I will not waste time typing the same information on this part of the page. Enjoy! More to come.”

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