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Dead Space Creator Talks About His Ideas For Hypothetical Sequels

Dead Space Concept

A while back, we reported what the former director at Visceral Games, Ben Wanat’s ideas were for the future of the Dead Space franchise. However, recently the series creator, Glen Schofield, was interviewed by Game Informer and he chipped in with his thoughts for a hypothetical future for the series.

Most notable of all of Schofield’s claims was his desire for a Dead Space game that ignored some of the lore of the last two installments in the series. Schofield apparently wasn’t very keen on some of the creative decisions such as another alien race in the third entry, expressing that he preferred Dead Space when it was just about the necromorphs. This contrasts with what Visceral director Ben Wanat seemed to want which would double down on the idea of more non-necromorph factions.

Later in the interview, Schofield expressed uncertainty as to whether or not a singleplayer Dead Space game could ever get released under EA in the modern gaming era, and he suspects that if another game were to be released there would have to be some form of multiplayer component. Considering the series’ previous forays into multiplayer modes, another multiplayer experience will be a hard pass for me. I hate to be a pessimist, but considering what EA is, I wouldn’t get my hopes up for another series entry, and in the event that I am wrong, then you better expect a Dead Space Battle Royale.

You can view the full Dead Space portion of the Game Informer interview here in which Schofield continues to express his passion for darker science fiction. What are your feelings on Schofield’s thoughts? Let us know in the comments below.

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