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Dead Space 3 spotted in Visceral designer’s resume

Not much was revealed about Dead Space 3 other than it being rumored to be set on an icy planet named Tau Volantis. Other than that, we haven’t heard much or even seen anything for the highly anticipated sequel.

A recent¬†resume was found for one of Visceral’s art designers, Jeremie Benhamou, who had listed multiple projects he had been working on. Although, since removed, his resume¬†listed such titles as Dead Space 3 and Army of Two 3.

There is no doubt that Dead Space 3 is coming; EA is a company that prides itself on promoting its franchises¬†(except Mirror’s Edge). I don’t think there should be any doubt that Dead Space 3 exists. The only thing we need to ask is “when” will it exist?



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